Content Guidelines

Ancient spiritual writers tells us the benefits of forming a rule of life — a series of practice or routines that support us in the work we want to do. Some of them used the metaphor of a trellis — a structure to support plant growth and flourishing. In a similar way, Trellis provides resources to help people gather a clear sense of purpose or calling, and maintain that focus through regular rhythms and routines.

With that simple purpose, here are some guidelines for how to cultivate and craft content for the Trellis blog.

Guiding Metaphor

Think of every content item in terms of the trellis. It offers both the direction you want to grow (aspirational) as well as a rung to attach to in that direction (practical).

For example, you might want to review a sleep app. You could begin by addressing the reader’s desire to sleep better as a practice that leads to better health and creativity (aspirational). Then you could review how the sleep app helps the user track sleep and evaluate their own sleep hygiene (practical).

Questions that every post should be able to answer

  • What problem does this content solve for the reader?
  • What aspirational value or meaning does this content offer to the reader?
  • What practical tool or learning does this content offer to the reader?
  • How has this tool or practice been helpful for you?

Content Ideas to Consider

  • A helpful practice or rhythm with some practical guidance or tools for how to do it — reflective or prayer practices, retreats, etc.
  • A device or app review that makes a connection with an aspirational area of growth.
  • A book review or recommendation, explaining how it might benefit the reader.

A Note About Spirituality

By nature, much of what is intended to be written about here will have a spiritual bent.

The founder, and primary editor, of this site is a spiritual director from a Christian perspective. And the very concept of the trellis is borrowed from a long-standing Christian practice of a rule of life. So, much of the content found on the site will come from that perspective.

But this site is not intended to be limited to Christian practices. We welcome content that offers guidance and help from different traditions and worldviews in a way that is accessible to people from many perspectives.

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