Content Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in writing for Trellis. Before reviewing these guidelines, please read the About page to familiarize yourself with the purpose of this site.

Please note: we do not accept submissions for content marketing.

Guiding Metaphor

Think of every content item in terms of the trellis. It offers both the direction you want to grow (aspirational) as well as a rung to attach to in that direction (practical).

For example, you might want to review a sleep app. You could begin by addressing the reader’s desire to sleep better as a practice that leads to better health and creativity (aspirational). Then you could review how the sleep app helps the user track sleep and evaluate their own sleep hygiene (practical).

Questions that every post should be able to answer

  • What problem does this content solve for the reader?
  • What aspirational value or meaning does this content offer to the reader?
  • What practical tool or learning does this content offer to the reader?
  • How has this tool or practice been helpful for you?

Content Ideas to Consider

  • A helpful practice or rhythm with some practical guidance or tools for how to do it — reflective or prayer practices, retreats, etc.
  • A device or app review that makes a connection with an aspirational area of growth.
  • A book review or recommendation, explaining how it might benefit the reader.

Please contact us if you have an idea for an article you’d like to submit.

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